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Web Site Design & Development

Having your Web Site designed and built is not nearly as scary a proposition as you might think. At ALBA Internet Solutions we try to make it as smooth a process as possible for the most affordable price.

You provide

Your product or service, your target market, your logo, and the text and images for your site.

We provide

Marketing training and experience which allow us to advise you on how best to design and incorporate your site into your existing business in order to get the maximum return from it. That return is both financial and emotional from new and existing clients.

We will design, develop and publish your site to the web. This means a custom designed "look and feel" that fits in with your image and other promotional material. We do this along with a navigational structure, so people can find their way around your site and come back to it.

How does it work ?

We will either come out and visit you if you are in Brisbane, otherwise we will ring you and discuss your needs over the telephone and you can supply the necessary material to us by e-mail.

Once we start to develop your site we do so in a sub folder that only you have the address of. This means you can provide feedback to us on the project as it is being developed, ensuring the end product is exactly what you want.

How much ?

We will do all of the above including a one hour consultation prior to the start of the project for the flat rate of AU$99 per page for a template designed site and $149 for a custom designed site. This rate will cover 90% of pages you see on the web today. We are also able to accommodate the need for e-commerce or database driven sites on a per project basis.

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